Backend Developer

Job Description:

  • Design and develop software using new technologies such as Docker, Container Kubernetes, and/or Serverless technology.
  • Able to develop systems using the following languages and frameworks: Java, Node JS, Spring Framework.
  • Have knowledge and experience using various CI/CD tools.
  • Able to use source control tools.
  • Able to design and use Firebase, MongoDB, and/or other NoSQL databases.
  • Able to choose and utilize various platform services available on the Google Cloud Platform for software development.
  • Participate in designing and developing system processes in collaboration with both business and technical teams.
  • Research new technologies and tools to improve system development.


  • Have experience in developing enterprise-level applications.
  • Possess strong communication skills, able to understand and focus on the main points of communication, and proficient in English communication.
  • Enjoy challenges and regularly seek new knowledge in Cloud Technology.
  • Work well in a team, get along with colleagues, and collaborate effectively in various company activities.
  • Skilled in planning and time management, with backup plans and flexibility.
  • Believe in the ability to improve oneself and fulfill the job responsibilities as described in the job description.
  • Have a growth mindset and a willingness to learn new things or teach others.
  • Able to work well with others, respecting their opinions and decisions, as teamwork is crucial and requires understanding and mutual respect.