Data Analyst

Job Description:

  • Design, implement and validate dashboards based on requirements or your own creative ideas
  • Requirements gathering directly from customers, finding out and tackling customer needs and pain points
  • Use statistical or mathematical techniques to analyze data and apply business logic 
  • Explore data, find significant insight and produce data driven recommendations 
  • Perform the role of half-Tech, half-Business person  
  • Work with team to develop full data analytics solution


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Business, Analytics, IT or similar
  • Experience with visualisation and analysis tools such as Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI or Qlikview
  • Good analytical skills, provide valuable insights using statistical methods
  • Proficiency in storytelling to deliver data visualisations and presentations
  • Knowledge of ETL development and report development life cycle
  • Experience with dashboard/report development at least one business industry, and motivation to understand business fields 
  • Strong programming languages such as SQL, Python (optional)
  • A creative problem-solving approach and having a positive mindset 
  • Understand the basics of cloud computing technologies such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services
  • Be able to communicate in English