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The world's leading security leader, ranking the Top 3 of Gartner Magic Quadrant for the year 2022, with features in packable FortiOS and the ability to run on multiple platforms with smooth VM hardware and SASE, as well as being fully capable of SD-WAN, ZTNA, SSL Decryption, AI/ML, and special ASIC chips.

Cloud Security
Cloud Security


Check Point Harmony includes 6 security products to provide complete and simple protection, including comprehensive protection against attacks across devices and an internet connection, while ensuring zero-trust access for the applications within the organization.


  • Harmony Endpoint – Complete Endpoint Protection. Complete security solution protection of users’ PCs and laptops from today’s threats.
    • Full Endpoint Protection from approaching threats such as ransomware, phishing and malware.
    • Fastest recovery to help mitigate the impact of attacks quickly with automatic detection and response.
  • Harmony Browse- Secure Internet Browsing. Use of safe and fast internet and the first in the industry for the privacy of In-Browser protection, as well as 100% SSL traffic verification.
    • Prevention of malware download.
    • Protection of phishing attacks and reuse of corporate credentials.
    • Protection of access to inappropriate websites according to the company’s policy.
  • Harmony Email & Collaboration – Secure User Mailboxes and Productivity Apps. Complete protection for Office 365 and Google Workspace.
    • Block phishing attacks.
    • Block malicious attachments while providing a secure version within seconds.
    • Prevention for leakage of sensitive business data (DLP).
  • Harmony Mobile – Mobile Threat Defense. Security protection of employee’s mobile devices to keep corporate data safe from all attacks.
    • Comprehensive protection across applications, networks and gaps in operating systems and devices.
    • Simple management of Harmony Mobile with completeness by quickly adjusting the usage.
    • User Friendly: protection of the device without affecting the experience of users or privacy.
  • Harmony Connect – Securely Connect Users to Anywhere. Newly defined Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for easy connection to users at any branch, any resources, anywhere by Cloud-delivered security service for all 11 products.
    • Clientless Access – Making the resources easy and secure for employees to use, including web applications, databases, remote desktops and SSH remote terminals with easy SaaS – just as the access from everywhere with any web browsers and devices.
    • Client-Based Access – Using a VPN program with full network-level access.


  • Safety of business. 
    • From opening the Internet, Network connection, access to Applications, prevention of data leakage, and data thefts. 
  • Prevention of threats on user’s devices. 
    • With complete endpoint protection and prevention against mobile threats.
  • Enable secure and fast Internet with privacy. 
    • With a safe browser and 100% SSL traffic verification. 
  • Protection of users’ email and sharing apps. 
    • Such as Office 365, MS Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Google Workspace