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Cloud Solution

Consultation service, planning, transfer, installation of the system, including the maintenance of Cloud systems as Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Multi-cloud for customers towards successful business operations according to strategies and goals, as well as Local Billing service, issuance of tax invoices in the Company’s name, with payment for subscription services both monthly and yearly.

Private Cloud
Public Cloud
Cloud Managed Services


Private Cloud is a data storage system of the output stored in a private server with high security. Users can manage various settings by themselves.

Key Highlights

  • Provide freedom to control access and security settings.
  • Possess the privacy of hardware and software to ensure security.
  • Clearly define the management, allowing for better control and maintenance of the system. 
  • Reduce connection problems or latency by Bandwidth. 
  • Manage and control all resources by the organization through Platform


Storage and processing systems are stored in public servers just as putting them together into one place. Each user cannot access other people’s data without their permission. It is considered to have a certain level of security, with the advantage on fast, convenient, and popular usage for work and integration. 

Key Highlights

  • Reduce costs for caring, installation, maintenance or change of infrastructure equipment.  
  • Increase and decrease Cloud usage as needed. Simply order the work on usage channel.
  • Reduce a problem of system crashes, with a certified standard by the service provider such as SLA, ISO/IEC. 
  • Easily use, with basic training and IT staffs to help.
  • Work through online anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage all resources in the organization manually through Platform.


It is the use of Public Cloud and Private Cloud together, depending on the management of each organization with flexibility and safety. it is also considered the most efficient Cloud Computing.

Key Highlights

  • Reduce costs, with no need to invest in Private Cloud.
  • Lower the disadvantages of choosing Public Cloud and Private Cloud. 
  • Able to combine Public Cloud and Private Cloud for maximum efficiency and flexibility.


Caring service and technical support for infrastructure systems of Public Cloud (GCP) are managed by a team of experts to enhance smoother businesses operations with efficiency.

Key Highlights

  • Reduce operational costs and lower difficulties, with preparation for the system and teams.
  • Maintain a stable system with safety and able to quickly expand the system according to the business needs.

Tangerine Services

  • 8×5 caring service and technical support for infrastructure systems of Public Cloud
    • Infrastructure inspection
    • Alerts
    • Support for technical outages
    • Request for modification, increase, decrease, and adjust infrastructure system
    • Monthly report

why us?

Why Cloud Solution

Cost savings

Quality improvement and work efficiency

Stable and safe

Expanding competitive opportunities in the market

Accessible from anywhere, anytime, and multi-devices

International data control of security standards

Uncomplicated working system, easy for system administrator