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Cloudflare protects the website from attacks, with faster and smoother running, as well as prevention from Spam and Hacker Attacks, including a decrease in bandwidth problems of Server and an increase in web page loading speed Global service to support over billions of page views per day More than 2.5 billion users with unique IPs A simple DNS change of Cloudflare from the old concepts of technology such as network, hardware and software into a new service (Reverse Proxy) on the global network and ready to use any time.

Cloud Security
Cloud Security


Cloudflare ONE is a cloud-based security service that combines Software Define Network and Network Security functions.


  • WARP – Network connection to Cloudflare by Users and Endpoints.
  • Magic Transit – Network connection to Cloudflare by Office and Data Center.
  • Magic WAN – Connection of WAN for each branch together by increasing efficiency in every aspect.
  • Gateway – Filter out threats from running traffic and prevention of data leakage.
  • Magic Firewall – Set up a centralized firewall on Cloud.
  • Access – Zero Trust for every application by verifying the User, Device and Policy.
  • Browser – Zero-day protection for Endpoints.
  • Log – Standard Log.
  • Analytics – Analysis of all data in a simple way.
  • IDS – Detection of threats to enter the system.
  • EPP – Endpoint scan to detect threats.


  • Connect to Network with the endpoint efficiency. 
  • Meet Zero Trust by User, Device and Application Policy including the provision of DDos service.
  • Combine Software Define Network and Network Security functions together.
  • Have no problem with the slow VPN and the high price of MPLS.
  • Help employees to fast access the network system from anywhere in the organization.