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Solution of mapping work for businesses to display information, spatial analysis, and travel routes which developed through the world-class mapping technology like Google Maps

Google Maps Platform


API Service for developers to utilize mapping, route, and location search features to support an organization’s spatial business needs with top-tier maps like Google Maps. It includes features such as accessing satellite base maps that closely resemble current conditions, conducting location-based searches, finding the shortest routes and time-saving information, locating important places on the map, and converting house numbers into coordinates.

Key Highlights

  • Maps Users Love 
    • Create a good experience for users by bringing a map familiar to everyone, with more than a billion daily users around the world for development together with your application.
  • Global coverage
    • Contain map data around the world, and support the display in every region. 
  • Google Infrastructure Power 
    • Reduce the complexity of use, including cost management for the efficient map server installation due to the work on a Cloud system which facilitates the use and data security. 
  • World Class Imagery and Maps Data 
    • Up-to-date map information, the most updated search in every place
  • Google Maps Platform to support a variety of developments
    • Such as Web Application and Native Application (Android and iOS) via Web Service/JavaScript/SDK  

Tech Features

  • Maps
    • Provide Basemap data in various formats with the updates close to real and current conditions as much as possible, and the image data of 360-degree Panorama Street View to help users see the real environment at the Location of interest. 
  • Routes
    • Provide routing service for the route of travel distance and duration of time for road network analysis to plan a trip on the best and the most economical route. 
  • Places
    • Provide the location search service for various landmarks on the map of Google Maps. No matter what name of the search, it is also found on our map with the ability to convert house number information and change it into location coordinates for mapping work.

Business Use Case

  • Transportation & Logistics
    • Use Google Maps to show warehouse or truck locations, and plan a trip for daily distribution with the fastest and most efficient route to save time and fuel costs
  • Retail & Manufacturing
    • Use of Google Maps to show the location of stores and services so that customers can find nearby stores from their current locations, or to display information for executives such as Sales data in the form of a dashboard on Google Maps for a quick business decision with accuracy
  • Utilities
    • Use Google Maps to find the location on your application for the best location of services  and quickly connect your services to customers towards a drive of services and offer as appropriate to meet the target
  • Media & Advertising
    • Display of valuable information in business such as the population density ratio of gender and the average revenue on Google Maps for analysis and management of more targeted advertising
  • Delivery
    • Increase customer satisfaction with a good food delivery experience by bringing Google Maps to help in planning managing the schedule and setting a route based on current traffic information
  • Healthcare
    • Use of Google Maps to help create a tool for finding hospitals/pharmacies or ambulance location tracking to assist in transporting patients


Web Mapping Application, Mapping system that allows businesses to see an overview, a new perspective never seen through the display and analysis of spatial data

Key Highlights

  • Software as a service
    • Ready-made Web Application via a Web browser by having just the internet through every device
  • Map for business
    • Basemap is easy to use, and suitable for anyone to begin mapping system
  • Tracking
    • Check in at various locations 
  • Transportation planning
    • Planning on transport routes to reduce unnecessary expenses and reach the destination through the right route 
  • Business decision
    • An overview of data on the map to help in making a business decision
  • Sales Opportunities
    • Increase sales opportunities to see the goals and know the competitors

Tech Feature

  • Map Visualization
    • Support for the display of map data in various formats through a global map like Google Maps
  • Map basic tools
    • Add/Edit/Delete Layer support for creating and editing data layers on the map
    • Change Style/Symbol to support the changing of symbols or presentation of location data in various forms
    • Search of location, similar to the familiar Google Maps
  • Dashboard
    • Presenting graphs in various formats with the display of information on the interactive map
  • Check-in/out
    • Check-in/Check-out a system for tagging places that can tell the date and time of check-in
  • Route Optimization
    • Analysis of system and transportation routes as a tool to help reduce costs and take a more accurate route
  • Spatial Analysis
    • Spatial data analysis to help businesses understand more information on the sales
  • Database & Web Service
    • Support of the connection to the organization’s databases, retrieval of data to display on the map

Professional Services

  • Local Billing Service 
    • Payment for the use of Google Maps Platform via Local Billing service with more convenience and a special discount for Tangerine’s customers only
  • Lifetime Consulting
    • Consultation and suggestions on how to use the most efficient APIs in each capacity in terms of use  and costs
  • Tangerine Webinar 
    • Joining the seminar organized by Tangerine on updating knowledge in various technologies of Google and other products
  • What’s new / Tips & Tricks / Newsletter 
    • News update documents which released before any others 
  • Support 8×5
    • Email support in business days with a 4-hour response time