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Productivity & Work Transformation

It is to transform business by using digital as the heart of operations. All business sectors will change from the foundation to the working process, as well as from the decision-making level to the operational stage. This change affects the adjustment of business strategy to increase the potential and capabilities of the organization to work with maximum efficiency, including better competition in the business sector.

Smart Workplace
Modern Endpoint Management


Google Workspace is a service that makes every business more flexible and productive through various apps, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Google Chat, Google Jamboard, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Keep, Google Sites, Google Forms, including security controls and management of all user accounts for the entire organization.

Key Highlights

  • Drive the business, enhance comprehensive performance to help your organization work more efficiently, save costs, and manage business operations for maximum benefits.
  • Work in collaboration with effectiveness and reduce working time.
  • Lower the risk of being attacked. 
  • Save the costs to maintain servers.
  • Lessen the complicated care control and follow-up
  • Protect the business with an organizational level of security.

Tech Features

  • Migration to move old system data
    • Data migration service files and emails from the customer’s old system to the Google Workspace system.
  • Deployment
    • Installation and maintenance services for a smooth usage.
  • Change Management
    • Consultation service to plan, operate, and change the way of working in the organization, with less impact from changes in working patterns of the old system by emphasizing employees (People), work processes of new systems (New Process) and Google Workspace (Technology), so that all of these three things can work together more efficiently.


There is a No-code Platform to help create applications easily and save more time. Modify traditional work with AppSheet to change old workflows which may not meet the needs of working in the Digital age by using AppSheet to create applications and replace many tasks to be more efficient. Enhance Business Users to create applications that meet their needs by themselves with complete tools that users do not need to have a background in coding, so they can easily create Applications.

Key Highlights

  • No coding skills are needed, easy to create an Application with just a few clicks.
  • Reduce the process of creating complicated Applications.
  • Support various databases whether Database on Cloud or Database On-premise, and most importantly, it can create Applications from a simple database, such as Google Sheets, or Excel Online.
  • Flexibility in creating Applications to support both Web App and Apps on mobile.
  • Come with AI/ML, helping create Applications faster and easier.

Tech Features

  • For Automation Workflow with Function Automation, users can create an Application that can send Mail Alert or deploy to other platforms, such as sending notifications in Chat Line and most importantly, doing Dynamic mail with Gmail where Application users can take actions within Gmail without having to open through the Application. 
  • Supporting Google Maps, the creators can create Map-related Applications, e.g. pinning a location on a map, storing map coordinates, etc.
  • Enhance OCR capabilities in AppSheet to create an Application that scans and transcribes texts on images for modification, then stores them on the Application.
  • Support Digital Signature, Barcode Scanning, including file and photo attachments. 


Transform the organization into a new era, meet the needs of Work Anywhere, and manage devices for both mobile phones and computers. including access to data and applications.

Key Highlights

  • Care for a variety of devices, and respond to all platforms.
  • Easy to use, control the device from Day Zero Onboarding.
  • Meet Zero Trust.
  • Support all types of applications.
  • Easily manage to access Users and Devices from one platform.

Tech Features

  • Limit User access to data.
  • Manage Devices, Apps according to the level of access. 
  • Able to install the App Catalog of the organization on Windows, iOS, or Android devices.
  • Single-sign-0n System, Simply verify the identity once to access all applications whether on Cloud, Mobile, or Windows immediately.
  • Support the integration with 3rd party for identity systems, such as Symantec, RSA SecureID, Imprivata Touch, and Go.

why us?

Why Productivity & Work Transformation

Online approval system

Able to always follow on document progress

Anywhere Access to work anytime, anywhere

Lower the risk of information leaks

Notification on User, Device access to unauthorized files or apps

Assign permissions/access and increase security