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Leader and developer of the first top Next-Generation Firewall in the world. A large number of organizations choose Palo Alto products.

Cloud Security
Cloud Security


Prisma SASE combines Prisma Access, Prisma SD-WAN, and Autonomous Digital Experience Management into a single Cloud-based platform to simplify networking and security while increasing organizational agility and securing the remote user.


  • Prisma Access 
    • Protect all app traffic to ensure that remote users can work safely and have a great experience.
  • Next-generation CASB 
    • Automatically protect SaaS applications and stop threats in real-time.
  • Zero Trust Network Access 
    • It is a valid user permission for application access with policy management and threat detection.
  • Cloud Secure Web Gateway 
    • It is a Web-Based Security with Analytics and Machine Learning.
  • Firewall as a Service 
    • Protect each branch or remote location with a cloud firewall. 
  • Prisma SD-WAN 
    • Define policies with an application base and reduce the complexity of Network and Security operations by using Machine Learning and Automation for a great user experience. 
  • Cloud-delivered Branch 
    • Provide services to all branches with cloud services, ensuring that access is highly efficient.
  • Router Modernization 
    • Reduce manual system configuration by using Zero Trust Provisioning and 5G.
  • Automated network operations 
    • Automate and reduce the complexity of network management and security, with lower problems up to 99%.
  • Autonomous Digital Experience Management 
    • Deliver great performance and add to the user experience. 
  • SASE Native 
    • See all the routes and End Points with a well-made solution that integrates with other systems efficiently.
  • Segment-Wise Insights  
    • Eliminate blind spots with Visibility on every Traffic route.
  • Automated response  
    • Automatically identify and fix problems that arise before they become big problems.


  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Protection against multiple attacks
  • Policy control
    • The company can set policies to control the running of specific files, such as prevention of running files on outlook tmp folders or exe files on USB drives etc.
  • High level of file running control
    • Traps can set policies to control Child process, Folder, Unsign executables via application running control or Hash.
  • Work with WildFire
    • Traps can send suspicious files for verification and analysis on Cloud system.  It is WildFire which shares a new Malware database worldwide. This makes it possible to quickly and accurately block new attacks that appear.
  • Technical protection
    • Traps conventionally can prevent attacks by disrupting the hacker’s process through verifying and analyzing the techniques used by the hacker. It can protect against more than 20 hacker techniques.