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Application Development

Develop Software and application comprehensively for both Android and iOS. Expand business opportunities. Open the world of APIs to connect financial transactions with various companies. Lead the organization towards future and real business development plans.

API Management
Application Development


Standardize corporate API safety to meet business requirements without the need to modify the existing backend system.

Key Highlights

  • Develop, manage, and enhance the security of APIs.
  • Build APIs to unlock and standardize data for every app, service, and system.
  • Manage Monitoring & Analytics traffic for efficiency and more understanding of the organization’s business.
  • Build & deploy anywhere with Apigee Hybrid.
  • Create API products as a new channel of revenue for the organization, such as SaaS, Premise, and Hybrid.
  • Experience Apigee through a trial with Apigee PAYG, enabling you to pay for the actual usage.
    • The pricing is determined by various factors including Gateway Nodes, API Transactions, and Network usage, such as IP Address, Network Egress, and Forwarding Rules. 
    • If you have extensive usage or need additional features like Apigee Hybrid and Monetization,
      Please contact Sales

Tech Features

  • Policies available, 50+policies which can be customized for the safety of API and completeness.
  • API Monitoring tools (only on Cloud and Hybrid) for immediate insight into problems. 
  • Combining related APIs into API products to meet use cases and manage the access with a quota for different clients.


Make your business move towards Digital Business by developing Web Application and Mobile Applications to meet the needs, using modern technology, supporting future growth, considering User Experienced which customers will receive, and designing User Interface to be suitable for usage and match the behavior of users in each group,  provide advice to apply appropriate technology for the organization, with business experts in various fields who jointly design and develop the system.

Key Highlights

  • Support the Infrastructure work, both On-premise and On-cloud.
  • Design and develop applications with Microservice Technology.
  • Use Agile Methodology in project management.  
  • Place importance on Software Quality for delivery to customers, both complete Functional and Security in various related aspects.
  • Thoroughly understand your business in order to create a strong User Experience/User Interface.

Tech Features

  • Analyze/Design Software Solutions and Software Architecture
  • New technology development and security source code
  • Native and Cross-platform Mobile Application
  • Implement CI/CD and support Manual & Automate test
  • Application design comply PDPA
  • Integrate 3rd party software

why us?

Why Application Development

Increase revenue for business from convenient and fast transactions.

Develop User Experience.

Develop a brand image for easy access and up to date.

Accessible for anywhere, anytime, and Muti-devices.