Life at Tangerine

Life at Tangerine

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Compensation and Welfare

In addition to the salary based on the evaluation of skills and potential of our regular personnel for the year, the following are the benefits and general welfare compensations provided to employees at Tangerine:

Sales commission for sales positions

Annual bonus (depending on performance of the company)

Travel expenses to meet clients

Overtime compensation (OT) for the role of technical engineer

Mobile service fee and Internet (Max.1,500.- THB / Month)

Provide company laptop computer, or if you can use a personal computer, you will receive an additional monthly payment (1,000.- THB / Month)

Group health insurance / Social security

Annual health check

Provident fund

Various training options, including an online course

Annual Company Outing Activity

10 vacation days (+ 5 added from the previous year)

Monthly TBIF Event (Thanks Boss It’s Friday Party)

Fitness Room including unlimited pool tables

Others such as yoga, etc.