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Tangerine Solution develops technology that meets business needs in all aspects from the infrastructure, Spatial Data Analysis System Application, with an IT team available for service throughout 8x5 to help businesses run smoothly.

Cloud Managed Services
Application Development

To provide service and technical support of infrastructure systems for Google Public Cloud by a team of experts to help businesses run smoothly and continuously with efficiency.


  • 8×5 caring service and technical support of infrastructure system for Public Cloud.
    • Infrastructure inspection.
    • Alerts.  
    • Support for technical outages.
    • Request for change,  increase, decrease, adjust, and modify the infrastructure system.
    • Monthly performance report.


  • Reduce operational costs, lower hassling time, and prepare the systems and teams.
  • Maintain a stable system with safety and fast expansion according to business needs.

Web Mapping Application. Mapping work systems to allow businesses to have an overview and new perspectives which have never before been experienced through output and spatial data analysis.


  • Map Visualization.
    • Support the output of mapping data in various formats through a global maps like Google Maps.
  • Map Basic Tools.
    • Add/Edit/Delete Layer to support the creation and modification of data layers on the maps.
  • Change Style/Symbol to support for changing symbols or the presenting of location data in various forms.
    • Search Location to support location search similar to the familiar Google Maps.
  • Dashboard.
    • Present graphs in various forms together with the display of information on an interactive map.
  • Check-In / Check-Out.
    • Check-in/Check-out system for tagging places which can tell the date and time of check in.
  • Route Optimization.
    • Analyze system and plan for transportation routes as a tool to help reduce costs with more accurate routes.
  • Spatial Analysis.
    • Analyze spatial data to help businesses understand more sales-related data.
  • Connect Database & Web Service.
    • Support the connection to databases of the organization for retrieval of information to display on the maps.

Professional Services

  • Local Billing Service.
    • More convenient payment for the use of Google Maps Platform via Local Billing service and a special discount for Tangerine’s customers only.
  • Best Practices Consultation.
    • Recommendation on the use of APIs in each capacity, with most efficiency for application and expenses.
  • Tangerine Webinar.
    • Joining the seminar organized by Tangerine on updating knowledge in various technologies of Google and other products.
  • What’s new / Tips & Tricks / Newsletter.
    • News update documents on capabilities which are released before any others.
  • Support 8×5.
    • Email support in business day with 4-hour response time.

Direct your business towards Digital Business by developing Web Application and Mobile Application to meet the needs. Use modern technology to serve future growth. Consider User Experiences which customer receive and design User Interface to suitably match with the behavior of users in each group.  Provide advice on applying appropriate technology to the organization. Have business experts in various fields jointly design and develop the system.


  • Support the work in Infrastructure, both On-premise and On-cloud.
  • Design and develop Application with Microservice Technology.
  • Use Agile Methodology in project management.  
  • Place an importance to Software Quality that will deliver to customers, both complete Functional and Security in various related aspects.
  • Thoroughly understand your business in order to create a strong User Experience/User Interface.


  • Analyze/Design Software Solution and Software Architecture. 
  • Maintain new technology development and security source code.
  • Possess Native and Cross platform Mobile Application.
  • Implement CI/CD and support Manual & Automate tests.
  • Have the application design in complying with PDPA.
  • Integrate 3rd Party software.