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A leading developer of Threat Detection and Response solutions in XDR format by mainly applying Machine Learning and Automation, with a focus on the goal of presenting Cybersecurity technology which can learn and adapt to new threats.

Data Security
Data Security


Security threats are evolving and more complicating than ever. Traditional solutions and modularity are not adequate to protect organizations. So, Trellix imagines a new kind of flexibility that could adapt and support the development of malefactors. The SecOps team can prepare to handle the attacks in advance with strength, Intelligence, agility, and confidence for business security.


  • Trellix XDR Platform
    • New technologies promise to deliver a more unified and effective approach for protection, detection, and response to threats.
  • Endpoint Security
    • Keep the organization safe with detection, response, and proactive endpoint prevention.
  • SecOps and Analytics
    • Perform agile and efficient SecOps (Security Operations) and Analytics from a holistic foundation.
  • Data Protection
    • Keep the data safe with one set of programs.
  • Network Detection and Response
    • Protect the network, server, and data center with solutions.
  • Cloud Security
    • Unlock superior protection and performance across the organization.


  • Covering many aspects of security¬†such as Endpoint, Infrastructure, Cloud, User, Data, Application